Roots and Shoots

Dons Net Café is very proud to be in its 3rd year of involvement with Jane Goodall's Roots and Shoots program.  Service Learning leader Kathy Kelly from SBCSLI (Santa Barbara County Service Learning Initiative) sent us to Peace Day to hear Jane Goodall speak. Kathy thought this would be beneficial for us because of involvement in Eco-cell and VITA.  Jane Goodall came to our booth and endorsed our efforts and actually signed our Eco-cell box!  We have heard that Dr. Goodall does not do signatures but we are sure she fell in love with our chimpanzee on the cover.  Now, we have met with her twice, been to Peace Day three times, and were able to meet Pierce Brosnan, acting as her ambassador.  Pierce Brosnan bought one of every product we sell and walked away wearing a Do Ubuntu bracelet which made us especially proud.  Check out Vero (our Chief Green officer '09) on Roots and Shoots right now! 

This year Roots and Shoots sponsored our very own invention, the Cousteau Bins.  The Cousteau Bins, named for Jean-Michel Cousteau and introduced at our Grand Opening event are the answer for people who still have a problem putting plastic in the right place.  We cut out a piece of plywood and put a hole in the middle, next we had an artist decorate it with a environmental theme.  We put it on top a blue recycling bin and people got it! Now our recycling bin donated by Marborg is full of platic bottles and cans that can be cashed in. Ethonomics is alive and thriving at the Dons Net Cafe.  Thank you Dr. Jane, we cannot wait to hear your chimpanzee call again.  Click on the picture of us in the Peace Dove parade to go check out our registered Roots and Shoots activities.


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