Our Snack Shack

e sell to and meet the needs of our captive target audience of the students at SBHS, thus maximizing sales. We offer the widest variety of snacks and beverages during passing period in a fast paced manner. Below is an image of our sales department in front of the Snack Shack.

 Our store is in great demand of students and teachers on campus. During passing periods, when you need an extra boost of energy to get through the day, we are conveniently located right next door to offer healthy and affordable snacks and drinks. Our customers appreciate us and we make sure to provide excellent customer service and quality products. We are limited to what we can sell by the SNAC (Students Nutrition Advisory Committee), but that has not affected us in any negative ways. We keep our prices low and our customers happy. Our number one seller is our water which is .75¢ and our Nature Valley Granola Bars which are .50¢. We carry organic fruit when it's affordable and in season. 


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