Grand Opening

Last year's Grand Opening was a great success and this year's will be just as successful, if not more! The Dons Net Café, prominent local figures, alumni, and our business partners are attending this event and we hope to see you there as well. This year's Grand Opening is taking place on December 18th at 10:30.

HOT day/Project Kaisei

Healing Oceans Together aka...HOT Day! was held in Santa Barbara on June 7th ,2009 at Leadbetter Beach from 11a.m.-1p.m. This day was in honor of Project Kaisei and to inform the public about the voyage to capture the plastic vortex, study it, and recycle it.  Our very own Dr. Dre participated in that voyage.  The Dons Net Cafe is proud to have raised the money to pay for the site, feed/water the masses, pay for fun activities for the kids, and provide through our sponsors the bins and supplies for the beach clean-up.  We would like to thank Loraine from Looking Good SB and Marborg.  Other sponsors include McConnells fine ice cream who gave wooden nickels to children participants, Del Sol for fun beach gear and reuseable bags, Cathy King for reuseable bags, and to the students of the Dons Net Cafe for coming out just days after school was let out  for summer to show their support. 



The picture on the left shows a CA flag that divers brought up from the harbor as well as Ana holding a coil of copper.  Other finds were car keys, tires, a steering wheel, shoes, etc.  What made this day unique was the diversity of groups and the action; below water, the divers, in water the kayakers, and on land the beach clean-up.  People were amazed by the trash the divers brought up and it really brought home pollution, it is there under our beautiful ocean in our very harbor.


Day Without A Bag

We are very proud to have been Ambassadors for the Santa Barbara's first ever "Day Without a Bag" hosted by  Jean-Michel Coustea's Ocean Futures Society of Santa Barbara.  We were able to raise $1500, with the help of Surfriders Foundation and Community West Bank! Lorraine Cruz (Super Planet Hero) from Looking Good Santa Barbara provided the supplies for our Beach Clean up to earn the funds to purchase bags.  Each day plastic bags are used and thrown away. They are harmful to the environment,  and do not decompose. These bags can end up in the ocean harming the ocean and its animals. We are proud to have done something and give a special thanks to Jean-Michel Cousteau for speaking at our Grand Opening and sharing his passsion for the ocean with us, we are forever committed to working with you and OFS. 


Day of Caring

Day of Caring was held on September 19, 2009 from 8a.m. till 1p.m. The Dons Net Cafe is proud to give back to the United Way of Santa Barbara by organizing Day of Caring events on our campus.  We have already started to organize our business to make this event memorable for everyone involved.  We want to thank Juli Askew for putting her faith in us.  So far we have formed a dynamic team, started a video, joined Day of Caring facebook page (search Day of Caring SB), and have grandiose plans that we will enact.  If you want to see how the DNC gets things done, keep your eye on this page. If you are a SBHS student and want to get involved come by Room 22 Wednesday at lunch for our weekly environmental meeting.


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