Buy Your Bracelet and Support the Orphans!

The Dons Net Café went to the Ojai Film Festival to meet with Louise Hogarth, director of "Angels in the Dust" and the Do Ubuntu Bracelet Campaign.  Louise wanted to find a way to support the orphaned children (victims of AIDS and poverty) from the Eastern Cape of South Africa.  She did it in a beautiful way that we all can share.  With the profits made from bracelet sales, we all will be able to provide treatments for the children and their parents. In additon, we also provide school supplies, nutritional support, and safe and secure homes. We can make a difference across the globe! The crafters are paid for making the bracelets. Each woman who crafts bracelets supports 7-10 people.  It is a win-win situation for everyone involved. 

Below you will see the miracle of  Monique, class alumni, taking gifts from the Dons Net Cafe to the orphanage. The orphans are wearing our customized DNC shirts as well as the Youth Venture shirt!  We sent school supplies, kazoos, and other fun things for the kids. We were ecstatic about this connection after three years of involvement. We are also currently designing the official Do t-shirt to be sold worldwide. Click on the picture below to see the official Do Ubuntu Orphan Bracelet Campaign Site.         


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